In Phones We Trust

Our world's greatest team of engineers are fanatically devoted to perfecting the local search experience for consumers and businesses.

The Company

Backed by a seasoned team of internet pioneers and cutting edge engineers, our team has deep experience in internet marketing with a proven track record of success. We are dedicated to changing the way consumers connect to businesses.



Founded in 1996

USClassics has grown from a young group of programmers who were trying to change the world, to a seasoned team of internet evangelists who have changed the way consumers, in times of great need, interact with businesses who are prepared to help.


What We Believe

If We Make it Easy, Everyone will Benefit

Our mission is to connect consumers with local businesses. If we focus on making it very easy for consumers and advertisers, our success will follow.

We Work Hard

The best companies in the world didn’t magically appear; they slogged it out, moving slowly but surely towards a goal. Our team celebrates the hard work that it takes to change the world.

Measure and Monitor Numerical Details

We meticulously measure everything we do, looking for 3% improvements here, 4% wasted energy there. This principle allows us to buy media with ruthless efficiency and constantly improve our marketing methods.

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We Perform or You Don’t Pay

Have you spent time with advertisers who want your money up front?

And then don't take ANY responsibility if their marketing does not work.

We live or die by our marketing.

If we don't perform - You don't pay.

and NO fine print.

Easy, Fast and Grows Constantly

If you want new customers fast, without you lifting a finger other than to dial our number.

The Benefits:

  • Fast - new customers by tomorrow
  • Easy - we do all the work.
  • Grows - it grows by itself every day.
  • Get New Customers Tomorrow.

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